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Teachers planning to move abroad for a new position may need to provide certified translations of teaching qualifications and documents.

Dialexy provides certified translation services for teachers looking to work in the UK. Our easy-to-use platform can provide certified translations of essential teaching documents and qualifications, from references and record checks to degrees and birth certificates.

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Regional Requirements to teach in the UK

In the UK, teaching is managed by distinct regional teaching councils. The different teaching councils will require you to provide specific documentation during your application.

The requirements and processes for these teaching councils are similar, but there may be some differences in terms of the application processes. For information on the requirements and criteria for the different UK teaching bodies, visit the pages below:

What is Qualified Teacher Status?

England & Wales

Once you have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), you can take up a teaching post in England or Wales. To teach in government funded schools in England, you must have QTS – however, overseas teachers can work in English schools for 4 years maximum without this status. Learn more about the “4-year rule” here.

Schools which require Qualified Teacher Status include:

  • State-Funded Primary Schools
  • State-Funded Secondary Schools
  • State-Funded Special Schools
  • Non-State-Funded Special Schools

Some non-state schools, such as private schools and academy schools, do not require QTS. Even when it is not a requirement to have QTS, it is beneficial to have as schools may use it to assess the quality of candidates.

You can find out more information about how overseas graduates and teachers can obtain QTS here, including details on the application process, assessments and visa requirements.

Scotland & Northern Ireland

The application process differs in Scotland and Northern Ireland and QTS does not apply. To work as a teacher in Scotland or Northern Ireland you must register with the relevant teaching council. To work as a teacher in a Scottish state school you must register with the General Teaching Council for Scotland and to work as a teacher in a Northern Ireland state school you must register with the General Teaching Council for Northern Ireland.

What documents do overseas teachers need translated?

To work as a teacher in the UK, you will need to provide certified translations of your documents throughout the application process if the documents required are not already in English. These documents can be needed for background checks, checking qualifications and applying for visas.

Required documents to teach in the UK may include:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Valid Passport
  • Professional References
  • Overseas Record/Police Checks

The required documents will vary based on location, the type of school you are applying to and your level of qualification. For example, a newly qualified teacher may be asked for proof of the date they were awarded their qualification, whereas experienced teachers may also be asked for evidence of their previous employment as a qualified teacher.

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Getting a Statement of Comparability for Teaching

To teach in the UK, an applicant may be required to apply for a UK ENIC Statement of Comparability. The UK ENIC Statement of Comparability is a statement which shows how the international qualifications of a holder compare to UK qualifications. This statement acts as the means to demonstrate that appropriate checks have been made and someone applying to teach meets the following criteria:

  • Equivalency to a C grade in GCSE Maths & English (may include science if teaching at primary level)
  • Qualification/degree is equivalent to a UK Bachelor’s degree

Dialexy is the official UK ENIC partner for certified translation and you can find out how to get a certified translation for a UK ENIC application here.

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