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Certified translations, sometimes called "official translations" or "sworn translations", are translations that are carried out by a translator appointed by a government body or a professional translators' association. They have to meet strict criteria in terms of layout, appearance and authentication.

When living, working or studying overseas, your personal documents such as birth, marriage or death certificates, powers of attorney and wills, work history attestations and tax returns, or transcripts, diplomas and reference letters may need to be translated by a certified translator and filed with the authorities in that country.

Different countries have different requirements which adds to the complex bureaucratic process when we want to study abroad, get married in another country or apply for that overseas position that will boost our career.

But do not worry! At Dialexy we have been in your shoes, as most of us also needed certified translations at a specific point in our lives, so we know how we can help you. Through our platform you will only need to upload your documents for translation and leave the rest to us.

How do we simplify things for you?

  1.     We have partnered with certified translators in many countries to make sure they are available for you and suitably qualified for your translations to be accepted.     
  3.     Usually people send emails with attachments back and forth to several translators to get a quote, but with Dialexy all you need to do is simply upload a photo of the document(s) you want to get translated to our platform to get an instant quote – no time-consuming emails with attachments back and forth to several translators!     
  5.     You can order your translations, pay for the service and track the progress online at any time.     
  7.    We are here for you! If you have any questions about the certified translation process or any other queries, you can always get in touch with us.     

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