Certified Translation Services for Medical Professionals

When planning to practice medicine in a foreign country, you may need to provide certified translations of your documents to the relevant professional bodies.

Dialexy provides certified translation services for medical professionals looking to work in the UK and abroad. Our easy-to-use platform can provide certified translations of essential documents and qualifications which may be required to work in the medical field.

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Requirements to practice medicine in the UK

If you are looking to practice medicine in the UK, you must register with the General Medical Council (GMC). The GMC has criteria in place to ensure you are eligible to work in medicine in the UK and will therefore ask for various pieces of documentation during the registration process.

When your documents are in a language other than English, you will have to provide translations of these documents during the registration process. The GMC will only accept certified translations, like those provided by Dialexy.

Certified translations for the General Medical Council

Certified translations of your documents may be required by the GMC for proof of your primary medical qualification, your fitness to practice and your English language skills.

The exact documents required may differ depending on your experience and the discipline you are in. For example, if you have had a break in practice, you may also be required to provide evidence of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) during this period, such as additional qualifications or academic transcripts.

Dialexy provides certified translation services for medical professionals – get in touch with our team to find out more or get started by going to our platform now.

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Translating documents for Primary source verification

You will also need to have your qualification independently verified before you can register with the GMC. This verification process is completed by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). If your primary medical qualification is not in English, you will also need to provide a certified translation of your qualification when seeking verification from the ECFMG.

Getting translations with Dialexy

Getting translations with Dialexy is easy! If you need additional certified translations for visa applications then Dialexy can help with that too as we meet UKVI standards. These additional documents could include:

  • Medical test results (e.g. your tuberculosis status)
  • Proof of relationship with your partner or children

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