Working towards a world where you can be understood anywhere.

Our Vision

To revolutionise certified translations to overcome barriers to global mobility.

Our Mission

Providing innovative platforms for faster and easier translation of official documents worldwide.

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Focusing on delivering a personal experience

We strive to listen to our clients’ needs and take on their feedback.

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Making things accessible for everyone

We are making sure our service is accessible for everyone in terms of price and location.

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Promoting diversity and inclusion

We believe in a connected world where everyone can add value through being different.

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Creating impact through innovation

We are always discovering new and innovative ways to get tasks done to make a positive impact on our everyday lives.

Who we are

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We really like coffee!

At Dialexy we are dedicated to developing an innovative software to help overcome barriers to global mobility. Our product helps making the lengthy and complicated certified translation process an easy and stress-free experience for everyone.

As a certified translator for over a decade, Mónica, CEO and co-founder, has helped hundreds of people to study and work in different countries. She is very familiar with many of the procedures you have to follow when you are planning to go abroad, from both personal and professional experience. On the other hand, she also knows the struggles of her fellow translators, who must follow a lengthy manual process to perform certified translations.

To develop a solution suitable for both clients and certified translators, she teamed up and started working on a software with computer scientist Dr Blaise Potard. With the idea of significantly improving the way certified translations are processed we won the International Create Challenge 2015 and were able to secure important grants to continue to work on a better certified translation platform for everyone.

Now we are able to offer a service that increases efficiency for certified translators and allows citizens of the world to obtain high quality certified translations of their official documents faster than ever.

We are located in the capital city of Scotland, at the foot of Edinburgh Castle.

ICC 2015 Challenge Winners

International Create Challenge supports early stage technology innovation into Minimum Viable Products and start-ups, providing top-notch coaching, seed funding and competitive prizes.

With our idea to redefine certified translation using machine learning algorithms, the International Create Challenge 2015 gave us the opportunity to build our first demo and the confidence to commit to working towards a world free of barriers to global mobility.

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The Team

Monica Camino Moreno

Chief Executive Officer

A specialist in translation and computer-assisted translation tools, Mónica designs innovative ways to bridge the gap between technology and international communications.

Blaise Potard

Chief Technology Officer

A post-doctoral researcher in speech technologies, Blaise applies state-of-the-art machine learning to build everything intelligent in our solution.

Rachel Brogan

Communication Coordinator

Specialist in international business management with a passion for learning languages, Rachel has a gift for bringing people of all walks of life together and for promoting innovative ideas.

Elliot George

Non-Executive Director

A consultant, information manager and angel investor with a background in the publishing and information management industry where he won and ran multi-million pound accounts for some of the largest public sector organisations in the UK.

Eleonora Giardina


A true multilinguist with a great command of more than 5 languages, Eleonora is our word-wizard in charge of terminology and quality assurance.

Lauren Purkiss

Translation Project Manager

A qualified translator who has lived and worked in 6 different countries, Lauren can’t be better placed to liaise between our clients and expert translators, as she’s been in their shoes herself!