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Academic Transcript

Finally the time to shine has come! There is no higher satisfaction after spending a good number of years studying that seeing those few pages listing all your achievements and qualifications - especially if they show a Distinction grade at the end! Academic transcripts can be very useful documents for work but also to do further studies after graduation, so here are the basic things to know about them.

What is an official academic transcript and why is it important?

An academic transcript is an official record of your academic performance and achievements. It contains information about the programme of study you have followed, all the modules or subjects you have studied, the final marks or grades obtained and the number of credits you have been awarded. Academic transcripts have to be stamped and signed by the issuing institution and come in letter-headed paper. Simply put, the academic transcript tells everyone how amazing a student and well prepared you are!

How do I get my academic transcript?

Your institution will have your academic transcript issued upon completion of the course. You will typically receive your academic transcript by post although most institutions will also allow you to arrange collection in person. If you ever lose it, your institution will likely be able to send you a copy, although they will probably charge for this service.

When is an academic transcript required?

An academic transcript may be required by prospective employers when you apply for a job after graduation to check the depth of your knowledge in specific subjects. You may also be required to submit your academic transcript to another academic institution if you intend to further your studies.

Napier University Transcript
University Malaga Transcript

Translating your academic transcript

Like with a degree certificate or diploma, translating your academic transcript will be important in the following scenarios:

  1. When you first go to study abroad:

    Academic transcripts are used by admissions officers to check the level of qualification you already possess and whether your knowledge will allow you to follow and make the most out of the programme of study you are applying to. Therefore, when studying abroad, a certified translation of you academic transcript can be your best ally (as well as a requirement!).

  2. Once you have completed your studies abroad:

    If you have studied abroad and want to make sure your qualification is recognised back home, the best tip we can give you is translate your academic transcript before you go! This can also be essential if your next move takes you to a foreign country instead of back home.

Translation tips

Since you are likely to need your degree certificate translated as well, Dialexy has designed the Student certified translation package. However, if you only need to translate your academic transcript, just upload it to our platform and we will give you an instant quote (starting from £50).