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Every year, millions chase their dreams across borders. Whether you're an entrepreneur, student, or a professional, navigating the global landscape often involves grappling with documentation in various languages. Dialexy specialises in easing this burden, helping individuals achieve their international aspirations with hassle-free Certified Translations.

What are Certified Translations?

Certified translations, also called "official translations" or "sworn translations", are translations of official documents that come with a statement made by the translator or translation company guaranteeing its accuracy, along with the date, the translator's credentials and contact details.

At Dialexy, we deliver Certified Translations that are meticulously proofread, signed, and stamped, adhering to stringent criteria regarding layout, presentation, and authenticity. Our translation certificates include unique verification codes, enabling the recipient to easily confirm the authenticity of the document online.

Which organisations in the UK require Certified Translations?

  1. UK Home Office
  2. Universities and Academic Institutions
  3. Regulatory Bodies
  4. Professional Bodies
  5. Passport Office and other UK Government Agencies
  6. Embassies and Consulates
As the official translations partner of UK ENIC/ ECCTIS, Dialexy’s Certified Translations are suitable for your immigration, legal, passport or academic application within the UK.

Wondering how to get Certified Translations for your documents?

Dialexy simplifies the process for you with these easy steps:

  1. Upload Documents: Begin by uploading your documents on our user-friendly platform.
  2. Instant Quote: Receive an immediate quote for your translations, eliminating the need for lengthy back-and-forth emails.
  3. Place Your Order: Effortlessly place your order online, ensuring a quick and efficient process.
  4. Secure Payments: Make secure payments through our platform for a hassle-free transaction.
  5. Track Progress Online: Keep tabs on the progress of your certified translations with our convenient online tracking feature.

If you have any questions about the certified translation process, please checkout the FAQs or get in touch with us.

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