Augmented translation platform for certified translators.

Finding it hard to explain to your clients that it really takes hours to complete the certified translation of their really short one-page document? That you cannot get started on it in the next three days because you have other commitments? Are you frustrated because just preparing a quote can take you half an hour of looking for parallel documents to see if you can offer a good deal for both? We have a solution for you!

Working with individuals is fantastic! We love the personal approach and doing work that has an impact. Helping real people with their real problems, problems that we have gone through ourselves! But we also know you are busy trying to run your business in an extremely competitive industry with very tight deadlines, and that sometimes these pressures prevent you from being able to take on this kind of work.

Would it help if your CAT tool:

  • could handle images?

  • run high quality OCR?

  • allow you to perform and format your translations easily?

  • have terminology management and translation memory capabilities?

If you say ‘yes’ to any of the above, you really need to check out our platform! We can perform certified translations up to 5 times faster and even have fun doing them!

We know you will not believe it unless you experience it, so watch our demo and try out our free version as a taster. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!