Translation Services for Consulates & Universities

Every year millions of people are pursuing their dream of living abroad. However, one of the added challenges to global mobility - be this for studying, working or living abroad or to trading internationally - is dealing with documentation in different languages. Our team has helped hundreds of students and international workers apply for visas all around the globe, from the USA through to the UK all the way to Australia. We have also helped businesses trading overseas translating their financial accounts, certificates of incorporation and shipping documents - to mention only a few.

We know you strive to support your citizens and businesses, stimulate your economy and contribute to building your country’s great reputation. Dialexy understands these goals and can help you support them better by removing the added challenge of certified translations. Imagine you were able to offer certified translations just within a matter of hours and assist them, regardless of their location.

When applying to study abroad students often have to provide certified translations of personal documentation, such as previous qualifications or visa-related documents. Without clear guidance and previous experience, it is difficult for students to find suitable certified translators to fulfil the universities’ requirements. Dialexy fills the gap so that students can get their high quality certified translations faster and easier.

There are different ways in which we can collaborate:

  • Supplier agreements

  • Software licensing

  • Referral schemes

  • White-labelling options

...and more! We are always happy to have a chat about your requirements. Connect with us to explore how we can overcome barriers to global mobility together.