The translation of official documents requires replicating the formatting of the original text so that the receiver can identify the information in the original when putting it next to the translation. 

However, some official documents are extremely complex and replicating all items can be counter-productive.

To save us all some time, here are some tips on what we expect about the final translations:

  • We never include images/seals/signatures/logos/stamps in our translations as this may infringe copyright. When these elements appear, just mark them with a note in brackets: [signature] [Stamp of the Ministry of Education] [photograph] [Logo of the University of Edinburgh] [Coat of arms of Romania]
  • We never print the translations in colour so replicating the colours is not required. We only use black font.
  • We do not use borders.
  • We use a standard font throughout the document.
  • Font size 9 works well for 90% of the documents we translate, with translators notes in font size 8.
  • Handwritten text is marked in italics. If underlining or bold are used in combination in the original, please replicate.
  • Tables made with tabulations are a real nightmare when adding comments or tracking changes during proofreading, please use tables wherever possible.

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