At Dialexy we specialise in certified translation of official documents. While this is a minor area for most of the agencies you may work with, it is the core of our business and, therefore, we expect much more than your other clients in terms of quality and speed. 

When sending a quote to Dialexy, please consider the following:

  • We expect a professional service so when receiving a document please check to see if this is an area you specialise in. If it is not, then do not provide a quote or take on the project.
  • We contact you personally through a professional body directory. If you operate as an agency and you outsource your work to other translators, do let us know and send us your company's terms and conditions of business.
  • You can decide the method in which you quote to us (per word, per page, per hour, etc.), but please keep it consistent.
  • Typically, translators quote a minimum charge for 1-page documents and longer projects are usually charged on a price per word.
  • When quoting on a price per word, please use source word count or estimate and provide a final target word count. We won't accept quotes based on an open target word count.
  • If you choose to provide a quote based on word count, it is your responsibility to figure out the word count. While we try to help when we can, it is not always feasible for us to provide a word count for every project we receive. If we can't afford the time to provide you with a word count, we will contact another colleague who can provide a final quote for the job.
  • Regardless of the method, we are looking for a clear final quote and timescale from you for the entirety of the work. While we appreciate and value transparency, if you have not provided us with a total amount, we won't be amending any potential mistake we may have introduced when doing your calculations.
  • Our quotes to the client include a mark-up onto your quote to us, as well as 20% VAT.
  • If you are quoting in a currency other than GBP, then please stick to the same currency for all quotes.
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