You can only invoice Dialexy if you have received a Purchase Order from us. The Purchase Order will contain our invoicing details (company name, address, VAT number, etc.) The total amount of your invoice must match the amount specified in the Purchase Order

Please make sure you include your business name, address, VAT number where applicable, date and invoice number, Dialexy's purchase order number and the total and VAT amounts. If you send a cumulative monthly invoice, please quote all purchase order you would like to include.

Once you are ready, send your invoice to copying in Given their work load, we can't guarantee your project manager will forward your invoice to the billing department so if you don't send your invoice to, you will not be paid. However, please do keep your project manager in copy so that we have a back up in case your email doesn't reach the billing department for some reason.

We pay overseas translators straight into their bank accounts using Transferwise. If you would like to get paid through PayPal, please send a PayPal invoice (money request) not just the email address that is linked to your PayPal account.


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