Dialexy's translation process is as follows:

1. When we receive a document for translation from a client, we get in touch with you to request a quote and time scales (get guidance on providing a quote and time scales). 

2. Once you provide us with your quote and timings, we send a quote out to the client based on this.

3. The client has 7 days to either accept, decline or ask questions about the quote. 

4. If a quote is declined, we will let you know. Please delete their documents if this happens.

5. If the client has questions about the service or wishes to negotiate times or rates, we will ask you if we can't close the deal without your help.

6. If a quote is accepted, we will request payment from the client and send you a purchase order as soon as the funds reach us (if we receive payment after the quote is expired, we will contact you to get a new deadline from you).

7. Once we receive your translation (in word format), we send it for proofreading and revision by the client. 

8. If the proofreader or the client raise issues that we cannot address or request changes to the translation, we will get back to you for guidance.

9. Once all parties are happy with the translation, we certify it and send it to the client.

10. You can send your invoice at the end of the project or you can bundle up several projects at the end of the week/month/quarter. Get guidance on sending my invoices