All of our translations, unless specified otherwise when we ask for a quote, will be used in the United Kingdom.

Please follow these tips as much as possible when doing translations for Dialexy:

  • Please keep the date formats as they are in the original. Do not convert them to your country's format or change the format (e.g. don't change 08 AUG 2010 to 08/10/2010 or 08.10.2018 or August 8th, 2010)
  • Abbreviations and stamps are to be translated.
  • Mark text that you cannot read as [illegible].
  • For university modules/names/degree titles - please check the website of the institution that has issued the certificate as very often the terms have an official English translation.
  • For diploma supplements – these are usually multilingual and there is a lot of info on this online. You can find educational terminology in various languages when searching for a supplement.
  • If the text mentions any piece of legislation, check whether they have been already translated (in particular European legislation)
  • You can find information on regulated professions on the EU Regulated professions database.

Get guidance on formatting translations for Dialexy.