We follow up all of our quotes after a week and do our best to keep translators informed of the outcome. However, we request hundreds of quotes every month and it is not always feasible to reply to each individual translator.

    The most common reasons for quotes not being accepted by clients are:

    • time scales being too long
    • prices being too high
    • translations not required anymore

    To ensure a professional service, we don't negotiate your rates and time scales and we base our quote to the client on our your proposed rates and timings. Only when time scales or prices are an issue to the client, we will get back to you to see if we can reach an agreement that will be acceptable for all. However, oftentimes clients don't get back to us when we follow up our quotes and we can't provide you with more information.

    Sometimes your quote to us reaches us too late and we've sent a quote to the client based on another colleague's quote. If you are unsure whether this is the case or whether your time scales or rates are appropriate, feel free to ask us. We can let you know our typical quoting time to client and the range of prices/time scales that we normally see accepted. 

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