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4 Reasons why you should go back at least once to where you have studied abroad

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4. Remembering what it was like to live abroad.


When studying abroad life was very different to what you were used to before. You were more dependent on yourself, except for your finances usually, you learned so many new things about yourself and about life - almost like you were actually living life for the first time. The people you hung around with were mostly very different to who you were used to spend time with. You only got to see your family and friends a few times, but usually through a laptop screen.

To be honest, looking back, all of this sounds a bit worrying, but on the other hand that was exactly the thing that made it so exciting and special. You were on your own feet, without your family around and you still managed somehow. Remembering how it was to learn all these new things and to be situated in a completely new world will remind you to discover more new things in your life and always live to the fullest.


3. Reuniting with your study abroad friends.


One of the reasons why people often go back to their study abroad location is to meet up with their former study abroad friends. When organising a reunion with your friends it is often difficult to agree on a location that seems convenient for everyone. Choosing your old study abroad city is many times not a bad idea. It also has a nostalgic feeling to it which makes it feel like time has not even passed. *Sigh* good times...


2. Finally being able to do the things you didn’t do before.


It often felt like you did not see everything of the city where you were studying. Now it’s finally time to catch up on that! Take all tourist city maps and brochures that you can find and go on a small adventure through time and space. Now you can finally tick those boxes of your old To-Do list.


1. Feeling young again.


Taking a step back and looking at the things that you are passionate about is very important in life and is often forgotten by so many. In life we are often too focused on doing what gets us the most money instead of doing what we actually love to do. Refocusing on doing the things you really love could mean that you will never have to “work” again, because you just would do what you would want to do anyway.
However, people can change over time, but even if you are not the same person as you were when you were abroad, it is good to think about your passions and dreams and reflect. Feel young again!


PS: My study abroad city was Sunderland, England. I went back to Sunderland one year after I studied abroad and I was able to meet some of my former flatmates and classmates. I can't wait to go back again!

Nuvaquahu - ex Communication Coordinator

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