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Things Students Forget Throughout Their Studies

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Whether you are coming to university as a fresher or have been at uni for a longer time, there are a few things that students often do not know or forget while at university. Some things are course-related like my personal uni hack, others are family-related, but just make sure that you that you are not the one who forgets these things. Follow these tips and you will be on the safe side!

5.  Know the course regulations and requirements, especially for your assignments.

Course regulations

Getting on top of your course regulations and requirements does often take a bit of time, but I can tell you - it is worth it! Especially when knowing the regulations for your assignments, such as what is included in the word count or if assignments have to be submitted in electronic form or in hard copy, or both, will save you a lot of time and stress.


4.  Make use of supporting university tutors, help desks and other facilities.


Universities abroad often have various student support programmes and facilities that can come in handy when other people around us can't be of more help. Many universities have special teams and classes to help you during your studies abroad, with support including reading over essays or helping you improve your writing or speaking skills. You will get more out of it than you think, even when you think you do not need any more help with your language skills. You will get more out of it than you think. Even if you think you do not need any more help with your language skills.


3.  Stay in touch with your family.


Being abroad means being away, but you do not have to be away completely. Talk to your family and friends every now and then. Let them know what you are experiencing or are planning to do in the upcoming months. You will make them very happy!


2.  Download as many interesting journals, articles and eBooks that you can find in your university online database.


When you are uni you have access to so many interesting articles, journals and eBooks that you won’t be able to access after you leave your university. Take the chance and use the opportunity to collect some fascinating literature!


1.  The Absolute Uni Hack: Save your assignments and working documents on a cloud or a drive that is accessible from anywhere AND send them to yourself by email.

Save your assignments

This is the absolute uni hack when you need someone to save your life last-minute!
As a student you often have this notion of not needing any advice or useful suggestion from anyone, but at the same time you know that if something bad can happen to you, it will. If it’s your USB-stick strangely not being recognised or you just forgetting your USB-stick at home, because you were busy writing the whole essay the night before. You can’t think of everything, of course. It’s just how these things happen based on past experiences.

To make sure this does not happen, always send your final assignments and assignment progressions to yourself and save them on an online cloud or drive such as iCloud or GoogleDrive, so that they are easily available at all times regardless of where you are. So, in case you do forget your USB-stick at home or something else happens, this will literally save your life. It saved my life a number of times!

Nuvaquahu - ex Communication Coordinator

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