Dialexy-UK Naric Certified Translation Service

Our new collaboration with UK NARIC

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Dialexy - UK NARIC Certified Translation Service

Certified translations are a requirement for all international students applying to study in the UK. Universities need them to assess the qualifications of the prospective students, and to decide whether they can be accepted into the course which they are applying for.

Obtaining certified translations is a hassle for students and leads to delays in processing their applications, as they have to find the service and wait for their translations to be sent back. Their lack of familiarity with the procedures and standards required often means the translations are not audit-proof.

At Dialexy, we streamline the process of translating academic documents which are required for international students to apply to university or college. Combining state-of-the-art technology with our language expertise, we have developed a free service to universities and colleges that ensures the highest quality translations of certificates and transcripts - more than 90% quicker than the industry average!

Our new collaboration with UK NARIC allows institutions to provide prospective students with access to the certified translation service through a link on their student application portal. The service helps to improve the student application experience as students and the universities will receive the certified translations within 24 hours, directly from us.

We are really excited to be at the UK NARIC conference again this year and we are going to be running a workshop about our new collaboration. We will be presenting the development plans for our new service, and we will be demonstrating how the technology works on Tuesday 5th November at 12:15. Come and see us on the day to learn more about our free service or request more information at monica@dialexy.com.



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